The Anveekshana Foundation



The Anveekshana Foundation (Quest Foundation in English), is a non-profit, non-sectarian trust established in Thailand and with a nationwide impact.

  • Inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, it facilitates activities that encourage and promote free reflection and inquiry into issues which steer and shape our outer and inner lives, and in turn, our society.
  • The activities of the foundation include translating and publishing Krishnamurti books in Thai, subtitling Krishnamurti DVDs, free book and DVD distribution to various libraries around the country, participating in book fairs and festivals and holding regular dialogues in Bangkok.
  • Anveekshana Foundation has also been organising a series of very successful interactive exhibitions in a variety of prestigious universities across the country: the TO THE YOUNG exhibition is a move to disseminate Krishnamurti’s teachings to students and young people in Thailand. SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Other activities of the foundation include:

  • International Annual Krishnamurti Gatherings at Stream Garden Retreat & Conference Centre SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
  • Dialogues and Discussions with groups across the country
  • University programmes.