Stream Garden is an retreat and conference centre, organising and hosting seminars and workshops for groups, as well as retreats for individuals.

The Centre was founded in 1996, inspired by the teachings of the modern thinker, philosopher and educator Jiddu Krishnamurti.

J. Krishnamurti said “It is odd that we have so little relationship with nature, with the insects and the leaping frog, and the owl that hoots among the hills calling for its mate. We never seem to have a feeling for all living things on the earth. If we could establish a deep, abiding relationship with nature, we would never kill an animal for our appetite, we would never harm, vivisect, a monkey, a dog, a guinea pig for our benefit. We would find other ways to heal our wounds, heal our bodies. But the healing of the mind is something totally different. That healing gradually takes place if you are with nature….”.  

As well as providing a space of retreat for other Krishnamurti inquirers worldwide, Stream Garden is open to everybody wishing to experience what this unique Centre has to offer. The Centre has hosted groups from a large cross-section of society including: Civil Society Groups, NGO’s, public sector organisations such as schools, universities, hospitals and government agencies. The Intention of opening Stream Garden to such groups is:

  • to further the cause of positively contributing to society
  • to increase revenue for the centre since donation alone is not enough

In keeping with the ethos of the place, it is imperative that guest respect the peaceful quality of the retreat and to be sensitive to our centre’s intentions.

Those seeking accommodation must bare in mind that Stream Garden is a place of inquiry and learning; guests are therefore requested not to treat the place as a convenient lodging house or a base for sight seeing and entertainment. 

Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are strictly forbidden on our premises; guests not respecting this policy will unfortunately be asked to leave.

Stream Garden is a project of the Quest Foundation (“Moolanithi Anveekshana” in Thai), which is a non-profit, non-sectarian trust, created to engage people in the exploration of the deeper issues of life.