Stream Garden has spacious facilities, cottage and guest house accommodation, vegetarian cooking and a beautiful natural forest setting – making it an ideal place for a wide range of activities.

Our Activity programs are organised mainly for groups and can be tailor made to suit the specific needs of your team.

Individually you can also contact us to find out the availability of workshops to join.

Groups coming from all over the world can combine their activities at Stream Garden with a holiday on the tropical beach islands nearby! Please consult the relevant websites & guidebooks concerning the good islands to visit and their prices.


  • Arrange tailor made programs to fit your needs.
  • Contact us to find out scheduling and availability of our programs.
  • Combine our workshops with a Personal Retreat or your own Group Program at Stream Garden.
  • Translations are available in English and Thai making all our programs accessible internationally.
  • Combine your activities at Stream Garden with a holiday on the tropical beach islands nearby – please contact us for more details.

More about our activities

We are developing a unique and progressive Education Program for life skills and mindfulness –  our activities include: Beyond the Box learning programs for Thai children, Summer camps and a variety of English workshops for school and university students.

On similar lines, health and wholeness is also deep in our soil here at Stream Garden. We offer workshops in Body cleansing and Liver Detox, Bodywork, Meditation and Life Inquiry as well as Hikes, Vegetarian Cooking classes and Gardening.

More details about each of these activities can be found on this website.