Detox Program 

DETOX WORKSHOP – Body Cleansing and Liver Detox for Health and Wholeness.

Unlike most commercialised Detox Programs, the Stream Garden Detox Program is infused with a spirit of simplicity, self-responsibility, learning and relaxation.

Participants experience an individual journey into deep body cleansing with liquid diet, colonic irrigation, expert healing guidance, treatments, health-study and total rest.

Traditional Thai Healing Treatments – including massages, organic herbal foot-baths, face-packs, medicinal herbal drinks – all serve to enhance the cleansing process.


Rates for 3 night / 4 day program:

  • Single room  – 8,100 Bht.
  • Twin room    – 7,100 Bht.
  • Dormitory     – 6,100 Bht.

Rates for 2 night / 3 day program

  • Single room – 6,500 Bht
  • Twin room – 6,200 Bht
  • Dormitory – 5,100 Bht

Why Care for our Health?

Our lives are full of potential health threats, including a vast number of man-made pollutants. We absorb innumerable toxins from our immediate environment. This pollution is concealed and woven into our society in the form of media, advertising, foods, drinks, as well as into our own relationships to others. Even the allopathic drugs we take to heal our sickness on the one hand, produces toxins on the other.

“It is no measure of health to be adapted to a profoundly sick society.”  J. Krishnamurti

Our immune system is constantly being solicited to defend against these impurities in order to stabilise our health and maintain homeostasis. However, through persistent bombardment, our body gradually accumulates a build up of toxic substances. This toxicity damages our metabolic and immune system; our bodies become increasingly acidic and the result is an undermining of our general balance of health.

Do we care enough for our bodies? Should we make time for our health? Do we need expertise or a degree in medicine to look after our own health? Or do we need to wait until we fall sick to begin caring about our own health?

To care for your health is to care for your body, your mind and your inward spiritual health; but it is also caring  for nature and for humanity in general, isn’t it? Does this not make detoxing an act of caring and love?

Adjan Chamras – Detox Program Facilitator

Video of Detox Program at Stream Garden:

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