Dissemination Activities



As part of the Quest Foundation dissemination activities, a series of exhibitions entitled TO THE YOUNG have been successfully mounted in venues across the country. 

Krishnamurti’s deep concern for the young – the unfortunate inheritors of a very disturbed, violent and insecure world – led him to exhort youth to insightfully understand and address the global crisis that looms before them. He alerted them to the fact that old ways of problem-solving have proved too inadequate to deal with the complexity of present-day dilemmas. This crisis demanded an entirely new approach, and this was possible only to a mind that was fresh, youthful, perceptive and ever-willing to face the challenges of uncertainty. What made for such a youthful quality of mind, regardless of the physical body’s age? This is a vitally important question that is explored in this exhibition.

This exhibition has covered several prestigious university campuses and institutions in provinces of central Thailand since June 1, 2015. After May 30 this year, the exhibition will shift to locations in the southern provinces. For more information on the exhibition’s schedules and for those interested in hosting this exhibition,  please contact:

  • Ms. Sornprasit  -Mobile: (0)81 896 9635
  • Stream Garden office Mobile: (0)81 328 7132


Other Activities of The Teachings Dissemination Program
Dissemination of the Krishnamurti Teachings in Thailand is central to the vision of the Anveekshana. “Teachings Dissemination” is an umbrella term that includes:

  • Translations
  • Publications
  • Attending Book Fairs
  • Distribution programs
  • The Free Books scheme.