English Programs

Spoken English Training at Stream Garden

There is a growing pressure on Thailand and the other ASEAN member states to speak good English for international dialogue. In fact English no longer ‘belongs’ to the native English speakers – it is now our shared global language for all international communication and exchange.

Stream Garden offers a variety of English speaking workshops and seminars with expert facilitators. For all ages, our training is for children, university students and adults; we also run teacher training programs for English teachers. Our programs are progressive and are all characterized by our ‘beyond the box’ philosophy.

Workshops and seminars often take place in stuffy city conference rooms or concrete halls. Stream Garden programs take place in a setting of great natural beauty with wooded hills and forest streams letting fresh air and vision into our learning.

All our programs are fully residential and Stream Garden provides comfortable accommodation with balconies and views as well as healthy vegetarian meals during your stay.

If your group has a specific focus, we can tailor our Spoken English coaching to fit your particular needs.

Please contact us to arrange a training with your group.