Krishnamurti Inquiry Workshops

J.Krishnamurti – a very different kind of self exploration

We organise regular Krishnamurti Inquiry Groups here at the beautiful Stream Garden Centre – please contact us if you have a group who would like:

  • Either an introduction to J Krishnamurti’s teachings and a beginning into Inquiry
  • Or for those who would like to deepen their interest and exploration


  • Group Inquiry Dialogues
  • Nature Walks and Walking Dialogue
  • Krishnamurti DVDs and Extracts
  • Full board and lodging: cottages and guest houses all with views/ 3 full vegetarian meals per day
  • Prices all inclusive per person
  • Languages spoken: Thai and/or English. French.


There is no teacher, only the possibility to explore together who we are and what world we are creating.

“We are having a dialogue, which means a conversation between people who are concerned about certain problems of human beings and want to go into them deeply, with care and affection, not any form of assertion or argument. A dialectical method seeks to find out the truth through opinions. But we are not investigating dialectically.

Rather, we are like two friends talking over their human problems together who hope to solve them and discover truth.

J Krishnamurti


Our facilitators at Stream Garden will not be coaching any specific technique or method to understand oneself better or improve our relationships with others. Our intention is listening to who we actually are, without a motive to get something for ourselves or to become somebody we would prefer to be.

“I am afraid there is a great deal if misapprehension that we are trying to find a technique to truth, which means practicing a method that will help you come upon truth. We deny there is any such technique. Truth is a pathless land, you can’t lay down a line, a direction, a path to it, and then practice it, discipline yourself, learn a technique.”

J Krishnamurti