Active, lively and enjoyable learning, light exercise, simple yoga, healthy food and a study environment situated in the beautiful, cool forest hills of Stream Garden – all serve to compliment and enhance our holistic, intelligent learning approach to Leadership Skills. 

dining_21Our Program will focus on practical life skills, young university-leavers will need to develop in order to succeed and flourish in today’s international working world. We use lectures, coaching, role-plays, interactive team games and real working life skills-simulation exercises (Interviews, Presentations, Debate) to train and prepare our students for what lies ahead.

The Stream Garden Leadership Program stresses the importance of good, clear English as an integral part of effective communication skills to cope in the new fully international modern reality. The content and performance of many Interviews and Presentations worldwide is lost in poor, uninteresting, unclear language delivery skills. Many students and professionals alike, are still stuck to grammar, the written word and shallow, short term memorization as the source of their language expression.

In this program we shall be addressing these limitations openly and finding practical solutions to our difficulties: By seeing clearly what is blocking communication on the one hand and what helps free it up on the other, we are able to make surprisingly fast progress in fluency.

Main Features of this Leadership Seminar:

Active skills exercises where students:

  • develop mindfulness and a deeper understanding of the assumptions limiting our learning, outlook on life, work and relationships
  • learn to think directly in English without time to translate and look for words
  • develop confidence to speak in front of others without shame, confusion or shyness
  • receive expert coaching to help understand the secrets of good delivery and fluency
  • build confidence, autonomy of thought and flexibility of mind, to facilitate effortless exchange and problem solving on the international stage.


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