Our Physical Setting


25 km/40 minutes south of Hat Yai,1 hour from the Malaysian border.

Natural Settings:

Situated above a mountain stream. Low-mountain ranges on either side. Rubber plantations are the dominant industry here. The stream has natural pools for bathing and there is a damn as well for a larger swimming area. An hour hike north from the center is a 10m high waterfall, full during the rain season and low during the other months yet the stream flows throughout the year.


In the mountains it’s noticeably cooler than in the city. There are three distinct seasonal patterns; hot and dry, cold and windy and the monsoons. Late December to end of February has colder and windy climates. March to end of April is usually the hot and dry season. Intermittent rains being in May and the monsoons last from July to mid-December. During the rainy season the climate is hot and humid.

Natural Habitat Conservation:

Stream Garden keeps 90 rai (approx. 35 acres) of forest as a natural habitat, free from rubber plantations or other monoculture agricultural practices that due to heavy use of chemical fertilizers poses a danger to the land and water systems.