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The Publication Programme

bannerPublication is one of the central activities of the Anveekshana’s commitment to the dissemination of the Teachings in Thailand. The Anveekshana is a registered publishing house. The publication programme was launched and is largely sustained through donations. Even so, it is the Anveekshana’s high priority objective to make the programme self-sustainable.

The books are largely published as bilingual. This offers the reader the opportunity to cross check with the authenticity of the translation. Many of the DVD’s are subtitled. Distribution of the books and the dvd’s is done via the bookfairs, the Stream Garden Retreat and Conference Centre and the internet within Thailand.The books are also distributed by professional agencies through a network of some 500 prominent bookstores across Thailand.

The Gift Books scheme, the central purpose of which is to make Krishnamurti’s work widely available to those living in interior regions of the country, supplies the material to public and institutional libraries free of cost. This scheme is made possible entirely through donor support.

Abroad, the Thai translations of the books and the dvd’s are also sold for Thai speaking population only.


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