Shout English is a completely original Stream Garden learning program for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Our program gets the children out from the familiar classroom environment, and up from behind their desks to experience learning English as a fun, acted out, physical learning process.

Using theatre, song, mime, movement, music and rhythmic chants – English becomes a fun activity rather than a school obligation. The method is principally circle-based with children chanting together and learning as a group body, carefully building up towards speaking alone and performing shows in front of others.

Often children become inhibited having to speak individually in English in front of the class – this creates shyness, a fear of making mistakes and blocks fluency well into adulthood. Shout English turns a lesson into a fun theatrical and musical performance that promotes creativity and spontaneity, as well as greatly accelerating the language learning itself.

In a world where to speak English well and with confidence, is a passport to employment and credibility, the importance of learning the language in this way is clear. To learn a language naturally and more creatively, also means that international relationships may be freed of the stress they often carry.

We prefer to offer our program exclusively at Stream Garden, where the natural surroundings – playing in the stream and nature discovery walks – are a crucial element to our approach to learning ‘beyond the box’. Schools can send groups to Stream Garden or inform teachers and parents about the courses. Spread the word about this way of learning English and make the whole process a fast learning, fun and creative experience for your children!

Program details

  • Learning packages of three consecutive weekends ending in a show for parents and friends!
  • Shout English Camps during the school holidays
  • Groups of 10 to 15 students
  • Stream Garden provides all meals and dormitory accommodation