Traditional Thai Healing and Rejuvenation


Experiencing Health for Oneself

Stream Garden’s exquisite natural surroundings of dense forests, perennial streams, waterfalls and rock pools for swimming, makes our Centre a natural spa for rejuvenation. Add on simple, clean and comfortable accommodation nestled in the forest with views onto the wooded hills, a cooler climate, healthy vegetarian Thai food and expert care in alternative herbal medicine and detox cleansing – and you have the perfect place for a natural rejuvenation retreat.

Our Traditional Thai Healing program at Stream Garden approaches and addresses the issue of health and rejuvenation at a deeper level. We feel that a rejuvenation program is not complete without an inner awareness of our lifestyles and of our mental and physical habits.

Unlike the commercial spas available worldwide, our program will include a deeper inquiry into toxicity and health in our own minds and bodies; awareness, sensitivity and learning to care for ourselves when we return home to our daily lives, are for us essential ingredients to a true holistic spa experience.

3 Day Group Program

  • Body Cleansing and Detox Diet Herbal Treatments
  • Inner Awareness Inquiry Circle
  • Nature Walk/ Stream Water Bathing


This program is open to groups of minimum 6 people