For Children Ages 7 to 13

Stream Garden has been organizing Summer Camps for many years. A breath of fresh air and fun for children from busy town and city environments. Highly industrialised living can bring comfort and security but can also stunt a child’s mental, physical and emotional life.

Our Summer Camps contribute greatly to the children’s development, offering an opportunity to: experience healthy living with good diet, live an exquisite natural environment with streams and tropical forests, build relationships, make new friends and learn how to manage themselves without their parents.

Our new generation will travel more, have to adapt to an environment where flexibility, communication skills and autonomy of thinking will be essential; an ability to maintain a healthy quality of life in a fast moving world will be the greatest challenge – this ability begins in childhood.

Our camps help bring a sense of real joy to learning, to relationship and to a child’s whole outlook on life.

Program details

  • Parents and teachers can create groups
  • About 20 children per group
  • Mixed populations from the villages, town and cities
  • Living with other children who are not immediate siblings
  • Children learn autonomy and self management
  • Healthy diet away from junk food, too many sweets – we don’t encourage bringing snacks from the city and we don’t allow any soft drinks while they are on the campus.
  • No mobile phones or video games
  • Children learn flexibility of mind and how to adapt to different environments and people outside the confines of their habitual environments.

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