K Translations

The Translation Programme

The translation of Krishnamurti’s works in Thailand began well before the time of the Anveekshana. Away from and unknown to the copyrights-holders (the Krishnamurti Foundations, UK and USA), interest in the Teachings lead the Thai literati to engage in inspired and spirited translation and publication activity.

  • For the first time, it was the Anveekshana that entered into formal agreements with the copyright holders to bring out translations that had legal consent. The Anveekshana has since covered significant ground in establishing professional standards in the quality of its translation work. The foundation frequently invites past translators, writers and those interested, to its Translators’ Meets to discuss and debate on the modes of effective translation, and on issues related to Krishnamurti’s uncommon interpretation of common terms.

In the emerging role of the Anveekshana as translator, the guiding concerns have been different. The concerns centre round releasing such Krishnamurti literature that will:

  • relate to Thai society’s dominant concerns of the time
  • introduce Krishnamurti to a new readership.

The Translations Programme of the Anveekshana primarily comprises a team of dedicated volunteers. It is on their unique combination of strengths – an interest in the Teachings, the knowledge of both English and Thai, and most significantly, the time and interest they are willing to invest – that the programme achieves its objectives. The translators’ achievements in the few years since the programme was seriously taken up, are to be seen in the shelves of 500-prominent bookstores across Thailand.