Organic Vegetarian Thai Cuisine



All meals provided at the centre are fully vegetarian: great care is taken to offer balanced, nutritious, varied meals three times a day. It is very important for Stream Garden to maintain a high standard of excellence in the food served; food quality is connected to a quality of life we wish our guests to experience here. A period of individual retreat or of group study is greatly enhanced by a healthy and tasty diet.

There are usually 3 courses at each meal including: Thai soups, main dishes with brown rice or noodles, salad, fresh herbs, chutneys, fruit and/or dessert. Westerners will enjoy the delicious and refreshing exotic fruits and the subtle flavours of a light but plentiful vegetarian cuisine, well adapted to this climate.

The center maintains an organic garden which provides almost 100% of the vegetables and fruits for the vegetarian meals served here. Banana, coconut, papaya, sweet potato, tapioca, tomato, snap pea and a variety of other vegetables are grown at the garden. Additionally, many indigenous herbs are cultivated by the knowledgeable staff.

Drinking water: Rainwater is collected and there is an advanced sand filtration water purification system at the center so that no bottled water is necessary.

Day visitors are required to inform in advance if they are going to have meals at Stream Garden. Please see rates.

For those on silent retreat, or wishing silence during meals, a specially designated quiet dining area is available on request.

Meal times are announced by a bell.

Meal Times

  • Breakfast 8.00 am
  • Lunch 12.00 pm
  • Dinner 6.00 pm

Please arrive for meals on time. Dishes will be put away one and a half hours after the bell goes off.

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