Welcome to Stream Garden



Stream Garden Logo PNGAway from the bustle of daily life, the tranquility and natural beauty of Stream Garden makes us a unique destination for conferences, seminars, workshops and retreats.

Our simple and clean accommodation, home grown organic food and spacious facilities are all kept at a reasonable price.

Groups use our facilities to host their own programs. River dips, guided walks and traditional Thai healing treatments including massage are available as options.

Individuals come to Stream Garden from all over the world for retreat.

Some come to work, others to paint or write, breaking for quiet moments, walks and swims in the rock pools

Families with children can also enjoy weekends hiking along forest trails.


Stream Garden is located in a tropical forest of Southern Thailand, far from the civil unrest of the deep south. 

It is 45 km from the Malaysian border and 25 km to the regional capital of Hat Yai. Hat Yai can be reached by plane, train or bus. Visitors can contact our staff to arrange transportation from Hat Yai or can travel independently by public transport.

You may also choose to complete your stay at our centre, with time on the tropical islands nearby: combining retreat in the forest hills of SG, with uncrowded beaches. Please find out more online or from relevant guidebooks, and be sure to book your holidays in advance during the winter holiday season: December to February.